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Cafe Habana Opens in Malibu

Cafe Habana -3939 Cross Creek Road- Malibu- 90265/ 310-317-0300


The LuxLady is so excited that Cafe Habana Malibu is finally here!  The chain's west coast location is a welcome addition to the Malibu Lumber Yard.  The new location, Malibu's first solar powered joint, maintains it's NYC sister's cool vibe by offering innovative Latin cuisine from Cuba and Mexico alongside local art by Shepard Fairey and a bullet hole -riddlen , salvaged bar dating back to the 1800's.   There is even an onsite mint garden that supplies the restaurant with the mint for it's mojitos.  How cool is that?  Word has it that there is a Cafe Habana food truck in the works for both New York and Los Angeles.


Everything from the chill atmosphere to the service was top-notch.  The LuxLady is so ecstatic that restaurateur Sean Meenan (along with sister Leslie Meenan and Randee Gerber) decided to gift us with a West Coast outpost.  I'd like to give a special shout-out to my waitress Britnee, who was spectacular.

I had the pleasure of spending a glorious day at Cafe Habana over Father's Day weekend and I'd like to share my faves with Luxlife readers:

Queso Fundido

This dish was surprisingly...dare I say succulent?  Yes.  The queso was tangy and bursting with a variety of flavors which is difficult to do for melted cheese.  The accompanying salsa verde was super fresh and mildly seasoned.  To sum it up in one word...delightful!

Ensalada de la Casa

Looks simple, right?  The orchestra of flavors in this house salad will knock your socks off.  The lime-citrus dressing perfectly compliments the marinated oranges and sweet corn.  This salad is a perfect meal starter and a must have as is the...drum roll please...

Grilled Corn

<span style="font-family: Georgia, Garamond, serif; font-size: small;">Apparently, you can't go wrong with the seductive combination of grilled corn, cotija cheese, chili powder and lime.  This starter is worth the trip alone.

An honorable mention goes to the:</span>

Sweet Plaintains

And the Caipirinha

Run, don't walk to Cafe Habana.


Carin von Berg

posted by 6/25/10

Awesome, thanks for the review! I'll definitely have to check this out... I loooove cuban food... and that grilled corn looks AWWWESOOOOME.

Thanks :)

posted by 6/25/10

Everything I tried was amazing and the atmosphere is a perfect compliment to the food.

posted by 9/11/10

Cafe Habana??? I was very excited to try this new restaurant. I am Cuban decent so I was raised in a Cuban household. Therefore, I know a little bit about Cuban Food... I sat down at the table and the first thing they brought us was chips and salsa???? I said humm Chips and Salsa in a Cuban Restaurant?? seems strange... then I looked at the menu Chicken burritos, Steak Burritos, Guacamole, Quesadillas, huevos Rancheros, Hamburgers, Hot Dogs, ????? .......there are only 3 Cuban things on the entire menu 1 Cuban Sandwich, 2 Black beans, and 3 Sweet Plantains. I asked the waitress why were there not more Cuban items on the menu and she said "jokingly well the menu was printed on Cuban Paper"

I can understand that Cuban food does not have to be the traditional Miami Cuban food however if you have a restaurant Called Cafe Habana the food should have some Cuban influence even a little????

The food was not bad it was just ok however, if you are looking for Cuban food go some where else and if you want ok Mexican food go to Cafe Habana!!!! They should rename this restaurant Guadalajara Cafe, or something like that not Cafe Habana!!!! I think this restaurant owner is confused....They truly need to pick what they are they going to be Cuban, or Mexican, or American!!!!

Its a nice looking restaurant in a good location I wish them the best of luck. Owners please re-think the menu or change the name. I truly wish them the best of luck I hope they do something quick before they go out of business!!!

posted by 9/11/10

Thanks for your comment. Sorry you didn't have a more enjoyable dining experience. I will agree that the name is a bit misleading but the menu is admittedly "latin cuisine" that is based on both Mexican and Cuban fare. The owner named his restaurant after Café la Habana of Mexico City and has two extremely popular restaurants of the same name in New York.

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