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When Life Demands Luxury

Fashion Citations Rule the Red Carpet at The Met Ball

All savvy fashionistas' fashion sense seems to have gone on hiatus during this year's Met Ball, sad to say.  I even had to cite "Mi"  on this one (Naomi to those of you not in the know).  Regardless if one was dressed or dressed herself "eyesore" seemed to be the theme of the day with a few rare exceptions.  It's as though every stylist on the planet had it out for his/her celebrity clients.  Exhibits A,B,C,D, etc...


Zoe Z.= Dated/Matronly...Calvin Klein !990 anyone?

Diane Lane= Taffeta, Bland

Naomi= Blah, Cheap


Kristen= Too tight

Tina= Trying to Hard, Disaster

Elizabeth B.= Trany-Trainwreck

Lauren D.= Blah, Blah, Blah

Tamara=Schizo, Trying too hard

DVF=WTF? Is it the Fourth of July?


Rosario=Prom Night

Thandie= Prom Night 80's

Rachel=Prom Night 90's

Padma= Post Baby Princess Leia

Brooke= Loehmann's off the rack...Your stylist HATES you

Jessica A= Matronly

Mariska= Ill-fitting but gorgeous color

Emmy= Poca"haunt"us

Chloe= 1960's Junior League Maternity

Emma=Cool Whip anyone?

Kate= Understated Elegance/B+

Jessica B=FYI...your stylist HATES you

Gwen= Battle Star Gallactica

Nicole R.= Your stylist HATES you

J. Lo= When all design inspiration fails, why not recreate a Christmas tree ornament? or Your stylist HATES you

SJP= Dance Fever meets Gone With the Wind...why not?

Ivanka= Lovely in Lilac

Carey= Mod Squad Yawn

Coco Rocha= Bitch Killed IT!  A+++


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